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InnerVoice-- AAC App that is Engaging, Fun & Effective Communication at a Fraction of The Cost

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InnerVoice will immerse you into a total communication environment — where you not only hear the desired message, but see it being produced. This award winning, patented, and affordable app takes full advantage of all the iPad has to offer. More...

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See it demonstrated

Get a glimpse into InnerVoice as co-developer Lois Jean Brady demonstrates some of its functions during an interview with Autism Hangout’s Craig Evans. See it  Here

iPad Technology For Non-Verbal Individuals With Autism

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VAST Autism 1 – Core, VAST Pre-Speech and VAST Songs (apps available from iTunes) combines best practices, video modeling, music therapy and literacy with auditory cues to provide unprecedented support for the development of vocabulary, word combinations and More...

Have an interest in AAT?
This on-line course allows you to earn CE credits from the comfort of your home

In Animal-Assisted Therapy (AAT) the human-animal bond is utilized to help meet therapeutic goals and reach individuals who are otherwise difficult to engage in verbal therapies More...

Lois's newest book on improving communication

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This book is goal oriented and aligned with the national education standards

Order your copy today!

Need more information? Take a look at the video!

Autism TodayTV

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Autism TodayTV is a public service show dedicated to the 1.5 million families struggling to cope with the overwhelming effects of autism spectrum disorder (ASD) live better, happier lives; By providing more...

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Educating and Motivating Students on The Autism Spectrum

2 boys playing with an iPad

We know that engagement and interest in academic tasks create positive educational experiences for children, which can spark curiosity and fascination for learning. And for children with autism, motivation and engagement are essential More...

Feature Matching Checklist Gets an Update

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What app should I use? This is a common question that family member(s), teachers and therapists trying to answer the question, “what are the best apps to fit with the individual needs of their child or student?” More...

Autism Canada 2013- Apps For Autism Presentation

autism canada presentation

This presentation will explore the role the iDevice has taken in meeting the needs and goals of special needs individuals focusing on students with autism. See presentation Here...

Hacking for Autism

winners of the autism hackathon

This past weekend was a blast. Coming together with a room of programmers, designers, developers and supporters for a 24hr marathon of brain storming More...

iPad Features Show

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Lois and America give you the ultimate scoop on some of the over 200 built-in features the iPad comes with that will help you make using the iPad a smoother endeavor as an educator, parent and therapist

The Holiday show

lois and America in the studio

Lois & America share tips, resources and apps to help make this holiday season a great family experience. GFCF apple pie with Chef Tom Dickinson. Carlys voice-Arthur Fleischmann and Samantha E more...

Some Pig! Some Impact! Buttercup!

family portrait with buttercup

Some pig! I remember when my husband called and asked, “are you sure you want this little guy? He looks a bit, well, ugly and uptight.” Taking a look at the picture myself I had no choice but to agree. more...


Speech Devices Can Help Build Language in Schoolchildren with Autism

Educational psychologist Connie Kasari, Ph.D., described the promising results of a study that incorporated speech-generating devices into More...

A link Between Certain Proteins and Autism symptoms

Hyperconnectivity of neuronal circuits due to increased synaptic protein synthesis is thought to cause autism spectrum disorders (ASDs).see abstract...

For Children with Autism, Attention-focusing Therapy Offers Long-Term Language Benefits

A therapy in which adults actively hold the attention of preschool children with autism by pointng to toys and using other attention-grabbing exercises results in more...

Featured Apps

–A categorized comprehensive list of apps used by professionals, educators and therapists, is coming soon.

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